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Today I found an uplifting, positive blog

When I’m not writing or researching posts for my own blog, I read other blogs.  I’m always seeking positive, uplifting, encouraging reads for myself and for my readers. Today I hit the mother load.

Lillie Ramage “liked” one of my posts, so I clicked through to her blog and spent the nexttreasures hour reading some of her stories and posts. Here’s what she says about herself and her blog, Treasures in Jars of Clay.

I blog about the awesome treasure of my extraordinary relationship with Jesus Christ and want to share that with you. I feel blessed beyond measure to know that He uses this ordinary, broken and fragile jar of clay and He has placed inside each of us a priceless treasure, a gift from God that makes us unique and valuable to Him and those whose lives we touch.

Here are three extraordinary stories Lillie found and published on her blog about ordinary people making a positive impact on the world around them.

James Karagiannis–He’s built his business by serving ice cream to under-served children in the less-traveled neighborhoods of Buffalo, New York. To read his story click here.

Police Officer Tommy Norman–Officer Norman is actively making a difference by getting out and being a part of the community he serves. Click here to read his story.

 Homeless teen Fred Barley–This is the remarkable story of a homeless, Barnesville, Georgia teen who rode his brother’s bike six miles and slept in a tent on a college campus because he was that determined to go to college. It’s not just a story about Fred, it’s a story about police officers who cared and a community that came together to make Fred’s dream a reality. This story brought tears to my eyes. Click here to read about this amazing, determined young man and the caring people who helped him.

I am looking forward to more positive uplifting stories Lillie finds and posts or writes on her blog, Treasures in Jars of Clay. Lillie’s a good writer in her own right. She loves the Lord and writes to honor our Almighty God.  I know you’ll be blessed by following her. I know I was truly blessed to find her blog.

One thought on “Today I found an uplifting, positive blog

  1. Bless you for sharing. And your kind words mean so much. I’m hoping to start a movement so that everyone will look for the good – i know it’s there. I’m writing a blog about “following encouraging blogs” and I’ll certainly include yours in my list. Have a blessed day!

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