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A Ford and The Father

A bright young banker just bought his first new car, A shiny black Model T Ford. He drove it back and forth to work, to church, and on Sunday afternoon rides in the country with his special girl.  He was proud of his new purchase and soaked up the admiring stares from folks along the street as he drove by.

One afternoon he was driving down a country road towards home when the car suddenly stopped.  The young banker got out of the car and opened the hood. He tinkered with this wire and that one. He cranked it over and over. He jiggled all the parts to make sure none were loose.

Just then a man in another Model T Ford pulled up behind the young man’s car. He got out of his car and walked to where the new car owner, now tired, grimy and frustrated toyed under the hood. “What seems to be the matter, young man?”

“My car won’t start,” he complained to the stranger. “I’ve tried everything and nothing works.”

“Would you mind if I tried?” the stranger asked.

“What can you do?” the car owner said frustrated. “I’ve tried everything. It won’t start.”

“Let me take a look,” the stranger said. At that the stranger stuck his head under the hood and jiggled a single wire.”

“Try it now,” the stranger said.

The young man cranked the car and it started right up.

The young man was aghast. “How did you know to do that?” the young man asked the stranger.

“Young man,” the stranger said. “My name is Henry Ford.  I built this car and I know everything there is to know about it.”

What can we do when we get stuck in the road and can’t move? Everything we know to try fails. Nothing works.

Then God taps us on the shoulder and gently says, “Mind if I try?” He doesn’t force His will. He doesn’t criticize. He doesn’t laugh or cajole. Sometimes we think there’s nothing even God can do. Then He lovingly reminds us, “Son, I made you.  I know everything about you. You’ve tried your ways and nothing seems to work.  Why not try it my way now? Why don’t you trust me now?”

When we make that call to trust Him, the car starts right up and runs like a top.


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