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Do humans get a pass on sin?

Is it okay for people to sin just because they’re human? What do you think?

How many times have we heard people who get caught committing sin announce, “I’m only human.” Why yes, we are. All of us are “humans”. We’re mortal. Politicians claim membership as humans with a flair of confidence after they’ve been caught in sin. Admitting they’re “human” seems to justify all manner of transgressions, to them anyway.

Paul reminds us in Romans 3:23 all (all us humans) have sinned and fall sort of the glory of God.

But does admitting we’re human when we sin give us a pass? Does our human condition make it okay? Where’s the remorse? Where’s the repentance? Where’s the accountability? Does being human justify sinning? Can we justify our sins by simply admitting we’re human?

We can be justified, but not by anything we say or do.  We are justified by the precious blood of Jesus on the cross. His priceless blood supplies the only justification for our sins. Not anything from or by us. It is only Jesus and his blood on the cross that justifies the sins of us humans who have a personal relationship with Him.

Let’s replace, “I’m only human” with “It is against You, and You only, that I have sinned and done what is evil in your sight; so You are right in your verdict and justified when you judge. from Psalm 51.

16 thoughts on “Do humans get a pass on sin?

  1. What is sin? I’ve studied the Bible. I have actually studied the koran and the torah as well. I’ve read Kabala, and I have read dozens of works of apologetics. Is sin what can be extrapolated from the ten commandments? the thou shall nots? or is it far more complex? I haven’t ever killed anyone. I don’t have any other Gods but God. I don’t lie, nor do I steal. I don’t envy or covet, what a waste of time that is. I don’t think inappropriate thoughts about the neighbor or his wife. I honor my dad. so where’s the sin? I am not being facetious either, i truly want to have a definition I can think about and relate how to be a better person from the knowing.

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      1. Well, so where is it? Are you going to put it out there? I would show you my current avatar profile pic, but WordPress Avatar marshal said I couldn’t. Something about scaring other bloggers off.

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  2. It sounds like some people may use: “I’m only human,” as a convenient excuse. Others may think it keeps them away from any retribution because they aren’t the only ones doing it. I call that “twinning.” When and if we sin, it’s on us. It’s ours to take responsibility for, and hopefully seek out a new path. I believe that most people’s actions begin with a right intention, then go awry from there. Personally, when I do something that smacks of sin, I know it’s because I didn’t ask: “Is this part of God’s plan for my life?” In all frankness, I always try to be my highest and best. If I make a mistake, I make an effort to correct it; certainly not repeat it. If I do, that’s a choice!


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