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Do you know another word for “never-ending supply”?

How about abundance?


In God’s economy we can never get enough of God’s abundance.  Jesus said He came so that we may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10.

Farmers can have an abundant crop. We can enjoy an abundance of food at Thanksgiving. We live in a country that enjoys an abundance of blessings.

But I think Jesus meant that having life in abundance means we can never get enough of it.  God never runs out of His abundance and He enjoys lavishing it on us. God’s abundance means a never ending supply.

When I lived in Alabama a friend took me out on his boat on the Alabama River. We came to a bend in the river and he pulled his. . .

boat up to a rock wall. In the rock was a stream of water spilling out of an opening in the rock. My friend tied a tin cup to a rope next to the opening. “Take that cup and get you a drink of that water,” he said.

I filled the cup and took a big gulp of the freshest, cleanest, sweetest, coldest water I’d ever tasted.

“How long does this water run like this,” I asked my friend.

“It never stops,” he said.  “No matter what time of year I come out here, water keeps trickling out of that rock.”

That’s like the abundance of Christ. It never stops. His grace flows from Him all the time in its abundance for us. His mercy is new every day. His love is like a river.  It just never stops.

5 thoughts on “Do you know another word for “never-ending supply”?

  1. What’s the verse in the Bible that says the Lord rains blessing to you, but if you only hold a thimble then you’re missing them. I say it to myself all of the time but I would love to know the verse in scripture… maybe I can google it…


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