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Why do “they” go to church?

“they”  Possessive Pronoun. [thā]
Nominative Plural form of “he”, “she”, or “it”. their or theirs, objective them.
People who get up Sunday morning, haul the family to church, glad hand friends, hug a few necks, lip sync a few hymns, toss a buck or two in the collection plate, yawn, nod and smile through the pastor’s sermon, look at their watch, estimate how long it will take to drive from the church parking lot to the restaurant in time to get a good seat and beat the church crowd.

I haven’t been in a lot of churches lately besides my own. When I’ve visited, or listened to others talk about church, I think “they” describes a growing segment of “church” congregations today.

In many of those churches we notice the pastor doesn’t carry a Bible with him, much less read from it, or emphasize the importance of the lessons it teaches. They might quote a few verses, or read a passage of scripture, but they don’t teach God’s word.

I can not imagine listening to an under shepherd who does not teach each week from God’s word.  I can’t imagine sitting through a message from my pastor without opening my Bible and following along.  I can’t imagine sitting through a message from my pastor without taking notes on his message so I can apply what God speaks to me through him to my life.

What can you take away from your pastor’s message if:

  1. he doesn’t teach from the God’s word;
  2. you don’t open your Bible as the pastor teaches; and
  3. take down important points God speaks through the pastor so you can apply them to your life?

I hope you don’t belong to a church like that.  I hope you’re getting fed spiritually in a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church.

It might be, in my view, that “they” are the same ones who ignore visitors and don’t welcome strangers into their “Christian clique”.


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