What’s “correct” about “politics”?

Political correctness wins the prize for the  most absurd oxymoron in history. It now has its own acronym. Talking heads refer to it as just PC. Webster defines “correct” as conforming to standards. Whose standards? And who sets them? Politicians? They have no standards. How can they set them for other folks?

In my way of thinking, they’re carrying this PC business over the edge.  If you’re PC you’re not supposed to offend any person, place or thing. You can’t say, write, sit in, look at, think or feel anything that might cause anyone else to be offended.

Check this out:

  • At UCLA a professor got in hot water for correcting the grammar and spelling errors of his students in his graduate level class. Students complained that his corrections, “were a form of microaggression and fostered a hostile campus climate to students of color.” (I’m not joking folks.) Some students protested that the professors corrections themselves were wrong because they were “perceived grammatical choices,” that they said, “in actuality reflect ideologies.”
  • A nursery school in the United Kingdom changed “Baa baa black sheep” to “Baa baa rainbow sheep” so as not to be offensive to black sheep. The Parent And Teachers Together nursery school made the song into an action rhyme. They sing happy, sad, bouncing, hopping, pink, blue, black and white sheep.
  • Students at Stevenson College in Santa Cruz, California held a science fiction event that featured pictures of spaceships and aliens. They got in trouble because they served burritos at the event. The students said they served Mexican food because they couldn’t find any food that was space and alien related. One student got offended and wrote a letter to the President of the school. She claimed that serving burritos at their event, represented “a connection between individuals of Latino heritage or undocumented students and ‘aliens.’ ”

To read about all this madness yourself, click here.

Here’s a few choice politically correct alternatives to some common words we hear.

  • He’s not fat, he’s “easy to see”.
  • Don’t call him a thief, he’s “ethically challenged”.
  • He’s not an alcoholic. He’s an “anti-sobriety activist”.
  • Don’t call her homeless.  She’s just “residentially flexible”.
  • Don’t call it failure. Call it “non-traditional success”.
  • She’s not an immigrant. She’s a “newcomer”.
  • Here’s my favorite: I’m not bald now. I’m “comb free”.


3 thoughts on “What’s “correct” about “politics”?

  1. Oh for Pete’s sake! “PC” has become the bane of our society! I am so sick and tired of people whinging on ad infinitum about what “offends” them. Their inability to have a back-bone, to communicate with people other than themselves, to take accountability for themselves, to act as rational human beings offends me! I am sick and tired of having to watch what I say in a country where my speech is protected by law.
    Instead of working harder to get decent grades, kids now blame the professors…instead of working harder at a job to get ahead, people now blame their supervisors. Honestly, where does it stop?


  2. Okay… I am going to apologize before posting my full comment for any potential foul language.

    The whole ideology of the giant babysitter state aka politically correct twits is mothing more than just another form of control. They use it to make everyone tame instead of thinking for themselves. It is a direct infringement upon the 1st amendment rights of the people. The absurdity of it seems to go right over everyone’s head and has resulted in a generation of self-entitled weaklings that have no idea what the real world is like. This PC movement needs to be put to an end.


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