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What holds everything together?

A few yeas ago I wrote a post about God’s universe and how infinite and far-reaching it is. Man has always been fascinated by big stuff. Scientists keep trying to discover the secret of creation. They inquire, “How did we get here?” Science has theories, but they keep searching for proof. Louis Giglio’s powerful video, Indiscribable, was the inspiration for that post.

Then, last week I read a post by Mel Wild, one of my favorite bloggers, called Individually HarameinMembers of one another one of my favorite bloggers, Mel blogs over at In My Father’s House. He shared a video by a quantum physicist, Nassim Haramein. The physicist said, in part, that both the infinite (the boundless) and the finite (the bound) co-exist and can’t exist without each other.

In his video he asked his audience, “What would you point to in the universe that connects all things? represents both the infinite and the finite?”

His answer: Space.

Think about this. The farther out in the universe you travel, the more space there is between objects. And, the further you explore into finite objects, like the human body, the more space there is between objects.

Man has always been interested in small stuff as well. Science has long been looking for the smallest particle. First they thought the cell was the smallest particle. Later they discovered that cells were constructed from atoms. Smaller items still. Later they discovered atoms contained protons, neutrons and electrons. Smaller still. And inside protons they discovered quarks.  All of them continually oscillate and move about in energy fields in . . .space.

According to Haramein, space in atoms is very high. “Everything we consider to be real is built on 99.99999% space,” he said. If scientists could grow the densest molecule in an atom, the diamond molecule, to the size of an orange, the next closest diamond molecule would be two football fields away.

Go ahead. You can say, “Wow!” and “Gee whiz!” now.

It reminds me again of Genesis, when God created the heavens and the earth, then man and woman. Science is bound to discover they can’t travel far enough into the universe, or deep enough into the flawless creation of the human body without concluding three things:

  1. God’s creation is infinite and impossible to limit or understand completely, and
  2. Christ is all and in all, and
  3. If they ever do find the “God particle”, they will discover that it is God Himself.

To read the post I wrote about God's universe several years ago, click here.

6 thoughts on “What holds everything together?

  1. We’re all connected yet nothing actually touches, which is another paradox of creation. Haramein won an award in the science community for postulating that the vacuum mass of a proton equals that of a black hole! Here’s another clip that explains all that… https://youtu.be/8v0hcpeTCS4.
    Yeah, God’s creation is a lot bigger (and smaller) than we can imagine!


    1. Mel, I watched this video as well, but could not figure out, in layman’s terms how a black hole could have the same volume as the proton in an atom. Could you help me out here? You can email me at stevesaw@gmail.com. Thanks, any help would be appreciated. I’m going to write another blog and that would be a cool thing to relate back to how God creates. Thanks.


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