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Was God’s creation perfect?

Was the Garden of Eden perfect?
Many would say, “Of course it was perfect. God created it.”

But did God create Adam and Eve’s first home to be perfect? Open your bibles to the account of God’s creation in Genesis 1.  When God created something the Bible says God saw that, “it was good.”

Not perfect. Good.

Why not perfect?  I think it was because God displayed His creativity in the Garden. As I read God’s word, I discover He is– along with every other attribute–a creative God. He is continually creating. Science is discovering God’s creativity as it explores the outer reaches of the universe.There’s always “something else out there beyond what we know.”

Scientists are also discovering the marvels of His creation inside our human bodies.  The farther they explore, the more wonder they’re finding. Exploring the innards of the proton molecule, they still can’t find the smallest particle or energy field, the element that creates life.

No, God didn’t create perfect. He wants us to keep searching, keep exploring, keep discovering–Him. That’s His sanctification process in us. He sent His Perfect Son to give us a minuscule shadow of God’s perfection.
We’ll soon see Perfect. We’ll be perfect, and we’ll dwell with Perfect for eternity.

Isn’t that an awesome thought to begin the week?

4 thoughts on “Was God’s creation perfect?

  1. Amen. That is an awesome thought! To think that God didn’t even name the animals. He let Adam do it. And, immediately,He brings them into partnership with Him and says to be fruitful and multiply, make the garden better. What a loving God!

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  2. That was a beautiful thought, Steven. It also makes me remember to be appreciative of the great variety of human creativity and uniqueness that He devised around us. Have a great week!


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