Roll Tide

EDITOR’S NOTE This post has absolutely no redeeming social or spiritual value.
I feel compelled to share some valuable information with y’all, my readers, about us down South here you probably won’t find in any other part of the country.
Those of you who live outside the Deep South probably don’t know that we only recognize three seasons down here.

  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Football

The season we cherish most is football. I am an Alabama Crimson Tide fan. I have Spent my entire assignment down South as an Iowan-by-birth, re-constituted Southerner. Alabama fans greet each other in public with the time-honored phrase “Roll Tide”.  That simple greeting encompasses (for true Alabama football fans) all that is Alabama football.  It’s understood and revered wherever you hear it mentioned.
Whether you’re an Alabama, SEC or other football fan, or whether you don’t even like football, this video is a hoot (a true hoot, but a hoot for sure.)

2 thoughts on “Roll Tide

    1. You’re right. :>) In the grand scheme of things, I’m not a fan, I’m in the game, following Jesus Christ. In the world, my major worldly distraction from complete and total surrender to God is that lingering tinge of draw as a “fan” to SEC football and the Alabama Crimson Tide. All that can be summed up and described in the simple phrase, “Roll Tide!” :>)


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