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Go ahead! Take God for granted

We had a gas shortage here in Georgia yesterday. They said an Alabama gas pipe line broke and they had to shut off supplies of gas to two or three states until they fixed the leak.

I rushed out to top off our gas tank. What I found was every pump at Walmart was out. So were the pumps at another neighborhood station. I finally found fuel at a gas station close by, but I had to sit in line to get it. They’d already gouged up the price by a dollar a gallon. I didn’t want to chance driving until I found cheaper gas or no gas, so I paid the extra dollar a gallon and drove home.

Hey, if Walmart’s out of gas, there’s a shortage. We haven’t had a real gas shortage in decades.  My Sunday afternoon adventure caused me to think about things we take for granted.

When we go to a gas station, we take it for granted they’ll have gas. When we plug in a lamp we take it for granted that it will burn brightly. When politicians talk, we take it for granted they’re going to lie. When an 800 call shows up on our caller ID, we take it for granted it’s a bill collector or a telemarketer.

When we need God in our lives, can we take Him for granted? Of course we can.  He expects us to.  He wants us to.

God says, “I’ve made myself available to those who haven’t asked me. I’m here, ready to be found by those who haven’t bothered to look. I keep saying, ‘I’m here, I’m right here.’ ” Isaiah 65:1-3 MSG.

God is waiting. He’s ready for us to take advantage of all He has to offer us. He wants to heal us, walk with us, guide us, provide for us, sustain us, protect us, sanctify us and do more for us than we could ever dream or imagine. Because He loves us more than we will ever dream or imagine.

We NEVER have to worry about shortages of God’s love. We NEVER have to worry about Him running out of grace for us, or being in short supply.

So go ahead. Take God for granted. Ask. Seek. Knock. Then hold out your cup and He’ll fill it to overflowing with His love and His grace.

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