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What’s your social intelligence quotient?

I ran across an ad for a social intelligence seminar the other day. After some digging I discovered the guy giving the seminar made millions in corporate America sharing his ideas for how to behave “within an environment or context”.

The ad proclaimed this social intelligence guru was “grounded in the most recent developments in Social and Organizational Psychology.” This guy “speaks with independence,” the ad said, “but uses the internal language so that he has relevance and cut-through.” He is certified in “Mindset for Resilience and Behavioral Emotional Intelligence”, (whatever that is) according to the ad.

All that gibberish in the ad got me thinking about intelligence. I know about intelligence.  There’s military intelligence, artificial intelligence and government intelligence (which, we all know, is an oxymoron). We all have an intelligence quotient. We even have a Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Now there’s “Social Intelligence”. And this guru, they say, can best be described as an “Internal Consultant“.

I have my own Internal Consultant, thank you. He can best be described as the Holy Spirit. The difference between my Internal Consultant and this snake oil salesman is that my Internal Consultant is the Truth.  He’s the Real Deal.  I don’t have to attend a seminar or buy any books or a set of CD’s to know my Internal Consultant. My Internal Consultant is always with me. My Internal Consultant can answer any question I have with His Truth, because my Internal Consultant IS Truth. My Internal Consultant teaches me every day the best way to respond to anyone in any environment or context.

He’s the best social intelligence there has ever been or could ever be.

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