What’s on the map?

Check out this map, then see if you can guess what the red dots represent.


Go ahead. Take a guess . . .


  1. U.S. Chick-fil-a restaurant locations
  2. All Federal credit union locations
  3. All U.S. cities with more than one Baptist Church
  4. All the above
  5. None of the above


If you guessed #5, you’d be right.

This map represents the locations of every school shooting since 2013. A total of 197.1 Those results do not include the 7 school shootings reported this year since February.

What do you think the answer to all the school shootings might be?  I’d love to hear your responses in our comments.

1Statistics were reported by EveryTownresearch.org  and Newsweek Magazine The Everytown sight reported 197. Newsweek reported 142. I'm not going to question either. 1 shooting since 2013 is 1 too many.

4 thoughts on “What’s on the map?

  1. Until we stop minimizing violence in our homes, kids will continue to be inured to it and think it is the normal way of dealing with pain and frustration. We see it on out tv’s, in the games we play online, in movies..we see it in chat rooms. honestly it is everywhere. That needs to change. We need to let them know violence is NOT the appropriate answer.


  2. Horrific…no answers, Steven, just aches. We are raising children in a culture of violence. I don’t know the answers. For our own home, we strictly ban video games that glorify violence. It is one tiny piece to a much larger problem, I think.


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