The rock of failure

EDITOR’S NOTE: Regular FHG readers know  Wordsmith’s Desk is one of my favorite blogs. Butch can pack more truth and inspiration in fewer words than any blogger I know. The Rock of Failure is one of his best. Enjoy.

By Butch Dean
Blogger over at Wordsmith’s Desk

The “rock of failure”…a curious phrase to start the day with a positive thought. Shouldn’t it be the “rock of success”, instead. Now that would be a positive thought, indeed. Or would it?

Butch DeanIn 1923, Babe Ruth broke the record for the most home runs in a season. In that same year, Babe Ruth also struck out more than any other major league player. His career strike outs record with held for 29 years until it was surpassed by Mickey Mantle.

You see, real success doesn’t just happen. You might say that practice makes perfect. The reality is that true success always stands on the “rock of failure.” The thing is, if you’re willing to fail and fail and fail again, you will eventually succeed. You see, success is not the lack of failure, but rather the lack of quitting. Once you perfect failure, you will have success.

To read more of Butch’s posts, visit his blog, Wordsmith’s Desk

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