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The Day God Ran

The sun beat down on him as he shuffled along the dusty road. Hungry, thirsty, exhausted, prodigal sonalone and spent, he headed toward home. He wondered if he’d be welcomed or sent away.  He was prepared to become a slave. That’s what he thought he deserved.

After years of excitement, wild women, drinking and danger he exhausted all his wealth. Weak, penniless and unemployed, he found himself living with pigs and feeding on corn husks.

Regrets, shame, guilt and self-condemnation engulfed him on his walk. He wept and beat himself up for miles.  He longed just to be home and decided to confess his sins and disobedience to his father..

His home was just around a bend in the road.. As he shuffled through the dust he heard faint slap slap slap of sandals on the road. The slapping sound grew louder. He saw a man running toward him. It was his father. Running. Running. The boy stopped in his tracks.

As his father ran closer he spread his arms wide and embraced his son, weeping and laughing at once. He hugged his son so tight the son could hardly breathe. Instead of sending his son away, his father dressed him in fine clothes, put a ring on his finger and threw a party in his honor

Our Father will run to us that way. When we stray, when we  fail, when we’re spent, when we turn toward home and repent, God will run to meet us and welcome us home. He’ll stretch out his arms and embrace us in His forgiveness, His inexhaustible grace and His perfect  love.

Is it time for you to turn toward home? It is for me.

9 thoughts on “The Day God Ran

  1. One of my favorite parables! It’s Jesus telling us what our heavenly Father is really like, not the angry god that people thought. He runs to us!
    Great post, Steven. Blessings.


  2. This is a great message written in story form that grabbed my attention right from the start, Steven. I found myself picturing each account as I read. Deep! Thank you for sharing such words of encouragement that I pray prompts the heart that has turned from God to come back. God bless you!


    1. WOW! Thank you so much for those words of encouragement. Comments like yours are what motivates me to write this blog. Thank you again and God bless.

      Liked by 1 person

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