Could the church do more for mental illness?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Last week I wrote a post about the church’s misconceptions about mental illness. A sweet mom of a bipolar child had a few things to say about the church’s lack of ministry in this area. I wanted to share her comments with you. The church is not alone. Misconceptions about mental illness in society plague the families of the mentally ill and hinder advocacy and progress in dealing effectively with mental illness. Here is her response to the post:

Thank you for this post, my son is bipolar and we finally have him on medication that works and he can function almost normally and your right the church doesn’t have much help for the mentally ill. I believe that God can do miracles, but I also believe that he gave us doctors to treat diseases for a reason. I really think that where mental illness is concerned the churches fall behind on their support, even helping the families of the person suffering from this disease! Thank you again for putting this out there. A concerned and loving Parent.

If you’d like to read the original post, click here.

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