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She defied death and discovered new life

I wrote a post in June, 2015 that began like this :

What started as a small scratch, a break in the skin, turned into a blood infection which turned into a rare flesh-eating bacteria, which resulted in the amputation of both feet and right hand of Cindy Martinez.

Her sister, and our dear friend, Danae Quintero posted this picture and wrote this message on her Facebook page from Arlington, Virginia last Sunday,

What a great race! Cindy did it! 26.2 miles done! I’m so excited for Cindy. She continues to amaze me, as we’re waiting for her in the finish line we’re expecting her to come around in her “Trike” 3 wheel bike, not Cindy she ran the last mile on her blades! I ❤️ you Cindy!

Dear Jesus, the next time I start complaining about my hearing loss or our financial woes or my balance issues, please remind me of Cindy Martinez. Please remind me that You  are my strength, You are my fortress, and no enemy forged against me can stand. Remind me that, like Cindy, trusting You and surrendering my life in your hands is all I need to do.  Help me remember the traumatic physical and emotional challenges she faced at death’s door and overcame in Your strength, not hers. Remind me that Cindy never gave up. She kept looking to You. What an inspiration to me, Lord, and to everyone who hears her story.

If you want to read the original post from June, 2015, click here.

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