Does it feel like anarchy outside?

Some real bright fellas who know a lot more about history than you or I do traced the rise and fall of the major civilizations. All of them shared some common characteristics.

They all started out in bondage, then moved to spiritual faith, then to great courage, then to abundance, then to selfishness, then to complacency, then to apathy, then to dependence, then to anarchy, then back into bondage. It took around 200 years for each of the civilizations to pass through these phases from bondage back to bondage.

Where do you think we are as a nation? It feels a lot like anarchy out there to me. The folks over at Wikipedia say anarchy is a state of disorder due to a lack of leadership. Are we headed further down that path? Did you hear about the gangs of young folks who used social media to plan and execute mass herds of fights in city malls around the country?

Is there order in the streets? Do our law enforcement forces and military receive the recognition and support they so richly deserve?  Getting killed protecting the very folks shooting them.

We have very well qualified “leaders” in every corner of our society. But are they capable of stemming this tide of growing violence and dishonor and hatred we see every day. Have we reached a point of diminishing returns? Are we skidding towards a slippery slope into a state of anarchy?

This is the world Jesus came to save. This is the world John writes about in John 3:16. The King of Kings is the only One who can bring us back from that precipice of self-destruction.

Will we believe it? Will  we turn to Him? Will we turn the tide, or will we be swept beneath anarchy’s undertow and return our nation to bondage?

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