Will we ever learn not to mess with Israel?

We’re witnessing harsh accusations and bitter verbal disagreements over the fate of Israel in the wake of a devastating resolution by the U.N. Security Council. What happens after Donald Trump becomes president remains to be seen.

We can say only one thing for sure: Israel will prevail. That won’t result from any peace treaty or U.N. council or U.S. intervention or Palestinian change of heart.

It will result from God’s hand in His master plan.

The Jews are God’s people. This conflict we’re watching today had it’s origin in the book of Genesis. Abraham’s wife Sarah, who believed she could not have a son, convinced Abraham to have relations with Hagar. Hagar gave birth to a son the Lord named Ishmael. Some of Ishmael’s descendants became the people we now call Palestinians and Middle East Arab states.

Abraham and Sarah’s son Isaac’s descendants became the nation of Israel.1

Throughout recorded history the Israelites have prevailed, despite their rebellion and disobedience. Despite all their enemies’ efforts to destroy them.

Will we ever learn not to mess with Israel? Will we ever learn this glaring lesson from His story: the Jews are God’s people. He will protect them. He will tolerate them. He will discipline them. He will love them. And He will portion out His justice and wrath to her enemies.

One thing God will never do is abandon them. God will prevail. And so will His people.

1For the Biblical account of this historic divide, refer to Genesis 16-17.

4 thoughts on “Will we ever learn not to mess with Israel?


    I guess it is clear the nations will not learn. Why? My only explanation is because they don’t believe and therefore don’t know the word. I think, surely someone in the know would say “WAIT!!! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? ” Right? If you were in the meeting discussing this you would say it or at least mention it, right?

    1. No one knows the word.
    2. No one believes the word.
    3. They simply don’t understand the word.
    4. They THINK they are able to have victory and outsmart the Lord God only because they are so deceived and blinded by their own evil ways.

    I honestly don’t know other than they do exactly what the word of God says they will do. I get angry when they do these things and say the stupid things they say. It makes me anxious in my gut because they are doing the things we are warned about. Then, I think…WOW! Simply amazing. The things we are watching happen before our eyes. I am thankful that we have the eyes to see some of these things. I hurt inside because most around me are clueless.

    Crazy times. My spirit gets giddy with excitement after I freak out. I long to go home. It seems that time must about up! I pray for those lost, but I want to go home


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