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Do you ever use the “J” word in public?

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If you use the “N” word in public some folks might call you a racist or a bigot. Some folks might even get angry. Most folks today, I think, would simply walk on by striving to appear as “tolerant” and as “politically correct” as they can. After all, “the “N” word is protected speech, right? Free speech and a First Amendment right and all. Right?

But if you choose to use the “J” word in public, you better watch your back. Some Muslims or Orthodox Jews  or card-carrying members of the ACLU or Millennials or marshmallow college kids might get offended. Right? And we can’t do or say anything to make anyone feel offended in this country today. Right? Wouldn’t it be wise that if we’re going to use the “J” word in public we might also mention Allah and Mohamed and Buddha and the Pope and L. Ron Hubbard, just to be on the safe side. Don’t you think?

As if saying the “J” word isn’t bad enough, we’d be courting disaster if we ever PRINTED the “J” word or put up “J” word signs or “J” word displays. Once you do, the attacks will follow, or the law suits, and the protests, and the boycotts, and the harassment.

Lord, I’m so grateful for the “J” word and the Jesus it represents. May we never be intimidated or feel threatened or afraid to use the powerful name of Jesus in any circumstance anywhere, any time or any place. We know the “J” word is our strength and our hope and our deliverance from all those who would look down on us or threaten us when we call on the “J” word, the powerful name of Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Do you ever use the “J” word in public?

  1. When I traveled in the Middle East that little “J” word was not a point of contention to anyone of other faiths except the highly orthodox Jews in Jerusalem. No other city in any other country seemed to object to Christians speaking of their beliefs and their faith.
    I had a five hour long discussion with a faithful Muslim along the shores of the Nile…….all about the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity. We didn’t argue, we simply talked. Islam reveres Jesus Christ. In Islam, Jesus is a great prophet and healer, a great minister to the people and someone that they look up to. They just do not believe he is God. In Islam, all humans are the children of God.
    Here in the States we have allowed our citizenry great latitude in speech…much to our annoyance when the speech is something we can not abide and do not believe. There are many countries in this world that do not allow the same freedoms to their citizens. I like to think that all those irritating people being “offended” by that little “J” word, while annoying, are celebrating their freedoms. If they can’t , then neither can we.


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