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Banging on the door

Isn’t that just like us?  We ask God, plead with God, beg God to do something for us., and we’re convinced He’s going to come through for us. Then, for no apparent reason to us, He shuts the door.  Not with a resounding slam, but a gentle push. Then the latch clicks.  We hear the click. Then the silence. Then the painful reality.

The door is . . . CLOSED!

What’s often our reaction? (well, my reaction. . . I can’t speak for yours.)

“Oh, come on now,God. This was perfect for me.  The perfect ____ ( job, car, house, husband, wife, vacation, school, investment, major, mission trip, plan, opportunity). I just know it was, God. (So, we keep banging) I knew this was in your plan for my life. (Bang, bang) I knew this is where you wanted me to be. Are you listening to me, God? (bang bang) Are you there? Is anybody home? (Bang bang bang)

After I finally realized God closed the door, I moped around for hours, sometimes days, trying to figure out why God closed that door on something I thought was so perfect for me. I failed to remember the time-honored, Scripture-based adage, “When God closes one door, He usually opens another.”

Next time God closes a door on me, I hope I can remember that adage and avoid all those bruises on my fists.

4 thoughts on “Banging on the door

  1. I love this post, Steven. I think it speaks to so many things we do to try and control our lives as if we’re driving the bus (ahem) when truly God is in control. And we should let Him be, submit to His will. I know I need to take that very advice so much. Stop banging on the door, as you say. Resonates for sure…


  2. Sometimes the sheer audacity of humans to think we know better than the creator f the entire universe is just appalling. I am a lover of God’s creation in all forms. I especially love the cosmos and the beauty of how God arranged the moon, sun and stars in a perfect relationship to nurture his earthly inhabitants. Believing that we know better about what is good and meant for us shows a level of conceit that is just laughable to Him I think.

    I know throughout my life I have desired changes to my life or specific things that while I did not receive them I was blessed to understand through God’s provision how they were not as good for me as I believed. We do not like to wait, but when you have no timetable such as God waiting is not a thing. We need to learn to hear Him and allow Him to bless us. Thanks for this reminder Steven and keep it coming, it is needed and appreciated.


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