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Riddle: What is full when it’s empty?

Empty. That’s a forlorn sounding word.

I opened the fridge to get a glass of my favorite soymilk. I picked up the carton and shook it.  It was empty.  Our four-year-old granddaughter drankfhg2 the last drop. I need to teach her that lesson about never taking the last of anything.

A dear friend suffers from frequent and deeply troubling bouts with depression. She says when she spirals into a cycle she feels empty. That is a debilitating and genuine empty feeling.

  • The bank account is almost empty.
  • The car is running on sailboat fuel. (It’s past empty.)
  • The check was to arrive today; but the mailbox was empty.
  • Has anyone ever made you an empty promise?
  • We sometimes hear empty threats.
  • When the kids leave we’re left with an empty nest.
  • Do we ever feel drained, depleted, exhausted, nothing left in the tank? We’re just plain empty.

But empty can be astonishing. Miraculous. Empty can be exciting. Empty can be incredible.

The grave was empty.
The cross was empty.

And because they were empty, (Here's the answer to the riddle) we can be full of hope and promise.

The thief comes to steal, and to kill, and
to destroy: I have come that they might
have life, and have it to its fullness. John 10:10

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