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My colonoscopy is behind me.


Everything came out alright (again, no pun intended).

The doctor found a couple of polyps and cut them out. No big deal. I missed it all. I was in la la land about two seconds after the anesthesiologist put her happy juice in my arm.

I am convalescing at home for the remainder of the day. Then it’s back to the grind. Marie has an appointment Tuesday  (today) at 8 a.m.

My good friend, Joe, also a senior, was my driver today. On our way to the Gastroenterologist’s office we took turns pointing out doctors offices we’ve been to. That was  our chatter.  That’s what old folks talk about: our medications, doctors appointments and when we’ll start exercising again.

Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts today.

I don’t have to see that doctor again for five years.


5 thoughts on “My colonoscopy is behind me.

  1. Steven I am on a similar schedule due to losing my brother 20 years ago at 29 to colo-rectal cancer. I detest the preparation while the actual procedure is mostly while I am none the wiser. I feel your pain for the experience and celebrate with you that all is well!


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