A minute with John Ed

I am drawn to short Gospel messages, in songs or in blog posts. I always prefer short in almost everything.  That’s why I”m so fond of listening to Dr. John Ed Mathison’s daily devotionals.  John Ed can pack more meat into fewer words than any pastor or blogger or devoti0ns writer I know.

 John Ed was Senior Pastor at Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church injohn ed Montgomery, Alabama when we lived there. He preached at Frazer for 35 years until he retired at age 70.  During his tenure as Frazer’s Senior Pastor, Frazer grew to one of the largest Methodist Churches in America.

Soon after he retired, he became Executive Director of John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries. He now speaks across the country and across the globe.

He writes a blog each week I’ve been posting on For His Glory for several years. He also started broadcasting short, daily devotions on his Facebook page. He gives me food for thought each day I listen to his broadcasts.

Here’s just a sample of his devotionals. See what you think.

John Ed was born and raised in Alabama, and you can tell he’s from the South right away. That’s just a bonus feature.  If you’re interested, there’s a link to his mimistry page right after this short sample of his daily messages.  Enjoy and be blessed.

Here’s a link to John Ed’s Ministry page, where you can find more devotionals and more about John Ed and his ministry.



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