Finding Crystal Krachunis

Last week I published a post I thought was a tweet from a young pastor’scrystal3
wife, Crystal Krachunis.

 Well it wasn’t a tweet. It was a post on Facebook (That’s probably why I didn’t recognize it. I rarely read Facebook any more.)

I called my post, The power and meaning of grace. You may remember reading it. If you didn’t read it last week, read it this week. You will be blessed. It is powerful. It got nearly 100 views in one day on my blog. Click on the image below to read it now. Then scroll down to read my comments below the image.


I looked high and low all over Twitter for Crystal’s post till her husband, Matt, told me she doesn’t do Twitter, just Facebook. Here’s a link to her Facebook page:


And here’s a link to their church website


From all accounts it appears to be a young, vibrant and growing fellowship of loving accepting believers.  They teach God’s word and love to love on others, like Jesus commanded all of us do.

I know I’ll be visiting Crystal’s page again and I’ll want to read more of Matt’s messages.  It appears that we read the same Bible and declare ourselves to be similar in heart and mind authentic followers of Jesus Christ.


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