Dawn Gibson’s “It just dawned on me” blog makes delightful reading

Dawn Gibson’s blog, It Just Dawned On Me,  blesses me dawn-gibsonevery time I read her posts. Dawn and her husband live on a farm in the Ohio countryside. Her writing and her photography remind me  warmly of my childhood growing up in a farming town in Iowa. I love her pictures from every season she publishes on her blog and on her Instagram.

Probably her most endearing quality is her passionate love for the Lord. She laces many of her posts with evidence of her love for Jesus. I love her tagline for her blog: Figuring out life one day at a time. WOW! She nailed it, didn’t she? Isn’t that’s what all of us who love the Lord are trying to do?

So many of her scenic photos look exactly like the countryside where I grew up. Once I printed a farm field photo of hers. When I held up a farm photo near my hometown next to hers, you’d think they were two pictures of the same scene.

She and I share similar traumatizing family events.  She and I both have relatives in our immediate families who have been involved in a homicide.

I know Dawn to have a compassionate, servant heart and a love for people and children. She loves to make friends and help people whenever and wherever she can. She has extended a loving hand to me and a friend of mine who has an autistic daughter. She also provided pages of information on autism to help us work with an autistic child attending our Vacation Bible School last summer.

Here’s something Dawn wrote about herself,
“I have always been a writer ever since I was a little girl. Diaries. Journals. Notebooks. Scraps of paper. Lists. Poems. Stories. Reading and writing, have always been “my thing”.

Here’s a link to one of her many best (in my opinion) posts. Whiter than snow Her writing runs the gamut of emotions as she shares how she’s figuring life out.  Some posts make me laugh. Some make me cry. All of them reveal a Godly Christian woman whose love for writing and life capture my heart every time I read her blog.

She and I have become friends through our blogging relationship. It’s a blessing to me. And we’ll be friends in the Lord for eternity.

Here’s a link to Dawn’s blog, It Just Dawned On Me

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