What folks said about “Baskin Robbins Christianity”

My “Baskin Robbins Christianity” post March 6 on FHG stirred the pot.baskin robbins

Readers chimed in with some interesting comments.  I don’t judge reader comments or necessarily agree with them.  It’s always interesting to me to read the diversity of thought and reasoning and theology in the comments. Here’s a delightful handful of some of them:

“Do we really need 7 billion flavors of human? Apparently God thinks so because he keeps making each person unique. Just as each person is different but a member of one body, each local fellowship is unique but a member of one body. Every fellowship has different traditions, different gifts, different callings, but as long as Christ is Lord and the gospel – that we are saved by grace – is taught, all our different fellowships are a part of the one church of Jesus Christ. So, I think we need not just 41,000 flavors of Christianity, but perhaps 100 million different flavors. :)”

Thanks for this post, Steven. There ought to be pulpit-led outcry when Christians criticize one another, particularly in public forums. It really stinks.

“We are going to continue to have denominations until Jesus returns. There are some things that it is worth being in disunity over. Something like the Divinity of Jesus, the Trinity, the Virgin Birth, Salvation through Grace alone. There are other doctrines, the timing of the Rapture, Commune, baptism etc we can disagree over without breaking fellowship over.”

Hold it. Hold it. I gotta jump in here.  Doesn’t this blogger have it backwards? I thought such things as “the Divinity of Jesus, the Trinity, the Virgin Birth, Salvation through Grace alone” were all indisputable Gospel Truths. Aren’t they? Is there debate among our ranks about the Truth of these things?

“. . .grace alone is a new fangled invention not taught by the Church Christ founded.”

Oops. Gotta hop in again. Can we count all the places in Scripture where God’s word says we’re saved by grace alone?

“The problem with ‘unity’ in Christianity is that many view ‘unity’ as the goal of our faith. The reality is that ‘spiritual maturity’ is the goal and ‘unity’ is the result of spiritual maturity.

“Till we all come in the UNITY OF THE FAITH, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ

“Coming into the measure of the fullness of Christ… sounds like spiritual maturity to me.”

What do you think? Do we need 41,000 denominations? Is there more than one true church of Jesus Christ? Why can’t true worshipers of Christ be unified?


3 thoughts on “What folks said about “Baskin Robbins Christianity”

  1. There’s nothing wrong with diversity, it’s petty divisiveness that’s wrong. This is why Jesus said we will be known by our love for one another (John 13:35), and the world will know God loves them by our union together in Christ (John 17:23), not by our doctrinal agreement.


  2. Denominations are separated by piddling matters. If only we weren’t so insecure and touchy about having our secondary beliefs challenged, we could accomplish a great deal more, perhaps have an incredible collision of the many different spiritual gifts.

    Sometimes I wonder, though, if God allows the church to be split and imperfect – insists on it, even – so that we will not worship it. Church can be an idol.


  3. in our human imperfection we all believe that what we believe is correct. It’s an absolute wonder we don’t have 41 BILLION denominations.


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