A Pig is a Pig is a Pig

Patrick has a way of entertaining as well as sharing thought-provoking words of truth. Nice post, Patrick, again.


By Patrick Hawthorne


As the Church, we sometimes fall into the trap of wanting our government officials to legislate morality.   We fuss and fume because of the seemingly lack of common sense among those who do not walk according to the Holy Spirit but according to the flesh.  We forget that, apart from Jesus Christ in our lives, we would be no better than those whom we complain about.

If I take a mud wallowing, garbage eating, bad smelling pig and gave it a bath, it would still be a pig.  If I soaked it for hours in the finest bubble bath, cleaned its teeth, and tied a pretty bow around its porky neck, it would not make it any less of a pig.  It is because it is still a pig on the outside as much as it is a pig on the inside.

When we accept Jesus Christ…

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