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My inevitable but necessary 31-day sabbatical has ended. I am home. I will publish my next “For His Glory” post on Wednesday, May 17.

My brother from Tucson asked me in early April if I would come to Tucson and help him handle my Uncle’s personal and financial affairs.  My uncle lives in Tucson as well. He fell in February and now is totally disabled and unable to perform normal daily functions.  He requires 24/7 care. My brother was overwhelmed. He still works full time. Working full time and meeting my uncle’s needs proved too much for himtucson desert to handle alone. I flew to Tucson April 13.

We have spent the last month visiting with him in the personal care home where he stays. We attended to a boat load of financial and personal matters before we came to a decision together that we felt was the best course of action for our uncle. We will continue to stay in regular contact and work together to make sure our uncle is safe and secure.

Thank all of you for your prayers. I could feel them and they shored me up every day. It was hard; but we forged ahead one foot after the other until we handled all the major challenges we faced.

Any of you who have ever served as a care giver can relate. The sacrifices we make for family can drain us physically and emotionally. My brother and I were fortunate for my uncle’s resolve. He told us whatever we decided to do was okay with him. He trusted us completely and worked with us to help us resolve his pressing financial and physical needs.

It’s not over.  We still have lots of things to do, but my brother agreed that we could work things out with texts, emails and phone calls.

Thank all of you who prayed for me while I was on sabbatical. I felt your prayers every day.

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