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Where will you go when you die?

kemosabe lone rangerAccording to a recent study by the American Culture and Faith Institute, a paltry 30 percent of those claiming to be born again Christians responded that they’d go to heaven because they have confessed their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. Respondents were given 10 options to choose from, one of which was the statement “after I die I know I will go to Heaven because I have confessed my sins and accepted Jesus Christ as my savior.”

The survey did not rely on folks to describe themselves as “born again Christian,”  survey officials said. Instead, respondents were asked what they thought would happen to them after they die. A full 25% said they did not know what would happen after they die. Just 9% of those surveyed said they would go to heaven because they were basically a good person.

By the grace of God I’m a 30-percenter; but it makes me wonder about the other 70 percent. As I read God’s word isn’t the response by the 30-percenters the only one that guarantees we’ll pass from this life into eternal life with God. Get us a pass through the Pearly Gates? Punch our ticket to heaven?

Do all 70-percenters miss the boat? Even the ones who cling to some left field version of a religion?

I can’t say for sure.  The only thing I know for sure is that when that bus pulls out, I’ll be in my seat!

¹Only my readers over 55 will understand the reference to Kemosabe (keé-moe-sáw-bee). Kemosabe was the Lone Ranger's Indian sidekick who watched out for The Lone Ranger's safety and helped track the bad guys when the masked man was hunting down outlaws in the old west on his TV show. Kemosabe has absolutely nothing to do with where you'll go when you die.

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