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When we see The Father for the first time

Memorial Day weekend I watched hours of YouTube videos of returning military dads reuniting with their families. Football teams, schools, work places, restaurants and more all planned elaborate surprises to make the reunions joyful ones for the families and tearful ones for me as I watched.

Watching those emotional and joyful reactions from family members made me think about our Father.  What will our reactions be when we see Him face to face for the first time?  What will we do when He opens His arms and welcomes us home? Will we dash to His open and loving arms? Will we greet Him with surprise and awe and wonder? Will we shed tears of joy?  Will we embrace Him and tell Him how much we love Him?  Will we tell Him how happy we are to be home?  Will we laugh and hold Him closely?  Will we wrap our arms around His neck and refuse to let Him go?

I hope so.

Watch this video. Will we react to seeing our Father the same way this family reacted to seeing theirs?

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