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I deleted a post

For the first time in almost eight years blogging I deleted a post I published on For His Glory. I have written posts that received both negative and positive responses, as the one I deleted did. But I’d never deleted one.  After thought provoking comments from two blogger friends and followers I genuinely and fondly respect, I chose to delete this one.

In the post I railed against folks who claim to be “proud Christians“.  One friend convinced me that “pride” is just a word and is a matter of the heart–something he suggested should be a matter left to God. At first I did not agree

However, after I prayed about the matter God showed me my blog is no place for judging others regardless of their stated beliefs or claims.

I want to thank both FHG followers who called me to account.  You know who you are. We’ve been following each other’s writing for years. They are both deeply committed followers of Christ and wrote me out of our committed relationships as brothers together in Christ.

I am grateful for them both.


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