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3 things Vacation Bible School taught me

I’ve heard for years, “If you ever want to learn something, teach it!”  I’m a walking testimony to the truth of that axiom. I’ve taught VBS for eight years now. It is our vacation for the summer. We eagerly wait for the first week in June every year. Friday we finished one of the most powerful, dynamic VBS’s I can remember. God never ceases to teach me as much, if not more, than what the kids learn from us.

  1. The Gospel is simple enough that a small child can hear it and give her heart to Jesus.
    As we taught about the creation story, our broken relationship with God, His plan to save us, and His salvation, the good news of the Gospel came home afresh for me once more.
  2. God lives outside the limits of time and our limited perspectivemarie
    I knew this already, but VBS lessons reminded me again how little we know about the majesty and magnitude of our Almighty God’s creation.
  3. Pimento cheese sandwiches are the best sandwiches in the world.
    Every year my favorite team of volunteers is the snack ladies.  They prepare a great table of fare for all the VBS volunteers. We get to visit our green room as we get brief breaks during the day. We’re not talking chips and punch.  We’re talking two tables full of quiche casseroles, crock pot meatballs and sauce, gourmet cheese dips, Prize winning brownies, fresh cut fruits and veggies, tasty tarts,  heavenly deviled eggs, homemade cookies and cakes . . .and scrumptious, melt-in-your-mouth pimento cheese sandwiches.

I’ll never understand why any reasonable believing adult would ever hesitate to volunteer for Vacation Bible School–even if they didn’t serve pimento cheese sandwiches.


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