What role do “Likes” and “Followers” play in your blogging life?

Val Boyko
By Val Boyko
Guest Blogger

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon recently with new bloggers. (Heck, I'm an old codger and Val taught me a thing or two about my motives and my writing mindset. I think she's got good advice for all bloggers.) Perhaps, if you are reading this, then you may have noticed as well. There are flurries of Likes one after an other and then a Follow.

I doubt this new generation has superhuman ability to read so quickly… and it makes me wonder if they are actually reading what is posted, or are simply wanting reciprocation, with multiple likes and a follow.

Is the goal to accumulate lots of Likes and Followers,
regardless of connection with other bloggers?

It makes me think of my adolescence where there was much self doubt and a craving for validation. If I do this for you, you’ll do this for me. If I like you, you must like me. This, of course, is encouraged in all Social Media.

Perhaps this keeps many people in a state of wondering what others think, and being seen in a particular way – happy, popular, interesting etc etc, rather than expressing themselves and finding their authentic being.

When we are so attached to being seen in a certain way, or being overly attached to results, we lose out on the process that takes us there, and who we are. It’s the experience of getting there, and the highs and lows that make life worth embracing and living fully.

In yoga there is a saying for the newcomer “Yoga isn’t about touching your toes, it’s about what happens on the way down”… and I would add, “appreciating everything that comes up along the way.”

Like life.  Is your blogging a reflection of how you are living your life?

It’s your choice to tally scores, make as many connections as you can, and receive acknowledgement from others. Or, perhaps it’s time to slow down and read, absorb, listen and appreciate the goodness that others have to offer, and explore being in community with other people.

We all want validation and to be heard. We also all need to belong and care for others. Take a moment to pause, and notice if it is your ego-mind that is running the show here in WordPress or an expression of your authentic self.

And now consider your life…

Ms. Boyko blogs over at her site, Find Your Middle GroundI thought our BloggersMeetup bloggers might enjoy reading her thoughts.  She certainly made me think about why I blog and what’s important to me as I publish on these pages. She live outside of Philadelphia, but she’s originally from Scotland and holds dual citizenship. She’s been a professional coach and guide for 15 years.

She teaches yoga from a coaching perspective and says she wants to bring out the best of each individual in a safe and caring environment. To read more of her posts click over to her site at https://findyourmiddleground.com/.

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4 thoughts on “What role do “Likes” and “Followers” play in your blogging life?

  1. I’m not personally too attached to “likes” or “followers” so much as I am comments. I love when a reader leaves their thoughts or feedback on something that I’ve written on my blog because I’m primarily interested in conversation as much as sharing my own story. I don’t know if this is the same for other bloggers, but building a community or network of sorts is just as essential for me as the blogging itself.


    1. Great insights and great thoughts. I like the concept of community here on BloggersMeetup. I’ve made some good friends and had some eye-opening discussions, even some folks whose belief system is diametrically opposed to mine. Yet we can carry on intelligent, kind discussion that benefit us both. This community is a blessing to me. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Really enjoyed the points you made here and I have ran across all kinds of bloggers in my time blogging or being part of a community of bloggers. In fact a lot of what you talked about, as you pointed out, expand farther than just Blogging as people always try to tally, compare, and receive, validation.


  3. I will point out that bloggers who are building their blog into a platform for an eventual book do have a reason for trying to accumulate followers. They need to impress potential publishers. But I still say that this is secondary both to genuine connections with other bloggers and to relying on the Lord for our validation and worth.


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