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Thou shalt love the Lord how much?

“Love the Lord your God with some of your heart and with a little of your soul and with a bit of your strength and with most of your mind.” Luke 10:27.

Is that what Jesus said was the greatest commandment? To love God with some of your heart? A little of your soul? A bit of your strength? With most of your mind?

NO! In my Bible that commandment reads,greatest commendment

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind.” Luke 10:27

Jesus called it the greatest commandment. It was the most important. Not one command of his was greater.  And it is a commandment, not a suggestion. Jesus was telling us that we are to love God wholeheartedly. With every particle of heart and soul and strength and mind we have.

This question came up in our Experiencing God bible study this week: How much do you genuinely and truthfully love God? (I could have gone the whole Bible study without having to confront that question, let alone truthfully answer it.)

If I love God with all my heart, does that leave room for loving my wife and children and granddaughters? Do I love God with all my heart all the time? Has there ever been a time when I could truthfully say, “I love God with all my heart?”

How about you? How much do you love God? And how often? And to what extent?

See the dilemma I’m having? I’m praying about that verse and my love for God. I hope God will reveal my answer to me.

I’d love to hear your feedback. Can you share with us how you’d respond to the greatest commandment?

2 thoughts on “Thou shalt love the Lord how much?

  1. We, all of us, fail to love the Lord with our entire being. No matter how much we try we shall always fail because we are HUMAN. Let me ask you to think about this…..
    Is it loving God when we love our children? or our wife or husband? our siblings, our parents? Are they (and we) not all children of God? Do we not have a spark of the divine within our souls? What about when we love or appreciate the land, the waters, the sky? We are looking at and admiring or loving God’s creation, therefor are we not also loving part of HIM? Since all of the universe came from God are we not worshipping Him when we love His creation?


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