Of course the climate is changing. Of course the globe is getting warmer.

global warming

God is at work all around us to accomplish His plan and His purposes for mankind.  Did God know mankind was going to waste the resources He created and provided for us? Of course He knew.

Did God know mankind would wake up one day and realize some of our most precious resources are dwindling? Yes, He did.

Is mankind so worldly that it thinks it can alter the course of God’s Divine plan. Is mankind so naive to believe it can scare enough countries into forming coalitions of nations that will agree on universal and equitable measures to reverse their centuries-old wasteful squandering of God’s abundant natural resources?  I think it is. Yes.

Are mankind’s efforts to alter the climate for man’s benefit? I think not. More than likely a gaggle of greedy billionaires gathered in private and concocted a climate crisis scheme that would line their pockets with more cash.

Do folks realize that this climate crisis scare will cost lots of average, middle-income families around the globe billions of dollars?

Whether we rid the earth of all fossil fuels; or whether we use fossil fuels exclusively as an energy source, God’s plan for His creation will not never change.


5 thoughts on “Of course the climate is changing. Of course the globe is getting warmer.

  1. I hate to be the grammar police..but please edit the last line of the post. it negates everything you stated before it.
    I am confused. Do you believe climate change is simply made up? The writing comes across as almost sarcastic so I honestly can not tell.
    If you do not believe in climate change can you expand as to why you believe it is not happening?
    or do you believe the title of the post and somehow I have totally missed the point? It’s hotter than Hades here today and my brain may be cooking, therefor I misunderstood…….sigh


    1. Okay! Grammar grandma, you caught me. A double negative slipped through my edit.
      Leave it to you to scour my post for my faults. I’ll bet it gave you a large charge and a good belly laugh when you discovered it. I changed it and put it back out there. I’m going to be much more diligent in the future about making sure my copy is clean. Trust me, it will not never happen again.


      1. nope….I rarely look at anything you write with a grammar police attitude..that one made my mind freeze for a minute. I just couldn’t believe it was there.not in YOUR posts. It was such an anomaly I had to say something. It could have been done on purpose ya know. 😀


    1. Yes, I love your site and devotionals. I could not see where I can follow you. When I press the RSS feed I get a page of code, but no place to follow. How can I follow you?


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