What do you see when . . .

. . .you look at a boy on the playground with no arms or legs? Do you see a cripple? Do you see a kid without a prayer for ever playing baseball? A loner with no friends? A target for bullies? A kid to make fun of?

What did Jesus see when he looked at Mary and Martha’s dead brother in a tomb?  What did Jesus see when he saw a boy with five loaves and two fish? What did Jesus see when he stooped to talk with a guilt-plagued adulterous woman at a well?

When Jesus looked at Lazarus, lying dead in a tomb, Jesus saw the glory God would receive when Jesus brought him back to life. Jesus saw one of the most miraculous events in all of the Bible.

When Jesus saw a boy with five loaves and two fish, He saw 5,000 men and their families full and satisfied, grateful for their provision.

When Jesus stooped to talk with a sinful, adulterous woman at a well, he saw the hundreds of  folks who would believe on the name of Jesus after hearing the woman’s testimony.

Jesus doesn’t see the now. Jesus doesn’t look at circumstances. Jesus sees what will be in the unseen spiritual realm of our eternal home.

Do we often look at people and see them as they are? How they look? How they act? What they wear? What they say? How they treat people?

Or do we look at people through God’s perspective and with God’s unconditional love?life without limbs

By the way, that boy on the playground with no arms or legs became a successful, nationally known motivational speaker and Christian evangelist. Nick Vujicic started his own company. He is happily married with two children. He has written a best-selling book, Life Without Limits. Visit Nick’s website Life Without Limits  to learn more about this amazing man and he looked past his circumstances and saw the man he knew he could become.

3 thoughts on “What do you see when . . .

  1. Very insightful. If we can only muster up half of Jesus’s purity we will have accomplished much. His divine power, his infinite mercy, love, wisdom and kindness would make a big difference in all of our lives. I believe and have faith that some already have accomplished this, demonstrated in their generosity and love for their fellow man. Just look at the martyrdom for Christ, the commission carried out through the ages and at present. If we refuse to look at the bad and use it for the good, we will not see Gods advantage in His carefully orchestrated plan for His outcome and His timing only, we have missed the point. But alas, it is a work in progress for us all. All things are possible for those who truly love the Lord!


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