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Clawing my way out of a black hole . . .of my own making

whenthewordsblack hole

A black hole’s gravity sucks in everything it nears. Nothing escapes it’s pull,  not even light. When a writer gets sucked into that abyss, nothing escapes.  It’s a dark, lonely place. Words just won’t come.

It’s not writer’s block. Writer’s block is not self imposed. Thinking obstacles, distractions and lapses in concentration cause writer’s block. Writer’s blocks typically pose little or no threat to our emotions or state of mind. We get frustrated. We usually walk away until a fresh new idea pops into our brain.

But getting sucked into a black hole creates a serious writer’s health hazard. Especially when the black hole is of our own making.

Laura Parker felt like I have been feeling. Laura published”Five ways not writing is bad for my health”  on the Writing Cooperative last week, “Not writing introduces this sensation of doom, feeling not settled, l and not grounded,” she said. “I may implode if I don’t get the words out.”

Some worldly choices while walking in the flesh sucked me right into the hole and I languished there more than a week, unable to write a word, and unmotivated to read God’s word. I hated it, but could not escape Satan’s dark hold on me until church today.

The amazing thing about my God is that He never moved. He loved me unconditionally all the way through that dark hour I created. When I crawled out of that dark place, He put His loving arms around me, showed me a bit of His grace, and said, “Welcome back” as if I’d never been gone.

This is my first post since lapsing into that black hope and I pray that you, my readers, haven’t left, but will welcome me back as well. I missed you all.


3 thoughts on “Clawing my way out of a black hole . . .of my own making

  1. When God called you and gifted you to write, I don’t think that he also gave you a schedule for doing so. It has been my experience that when he has something for me to write, he will urge me to do so with another personal call. If you are trying to follow your own schedule, you are probably not writing what God will anoint with its publication.


    1. Thanks, Bob. You’re exactly write. I do wait on God to give me the fodder for my blog posts. When I write from my own ideas, they don’t produce writing that gives Him glory–the goal of my whole blog.


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