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Do you suffer from selfie pride?

grand canyon

Selfie lovers upload about 90 million of them a day. Last year folks uploaded 24 billion (billion with a “b”) selfies on Google, the media giant said.

Despite the proliferation of the selfie phenom, selfies can pose a dangerous threat to smart phone camera users. Deaths related to selfies escalate each year.  Last year more people died from taking selfies than died of shark attacks, according to CBS News.

Last year a 15-year-old Missouri student shot himself in the face and died while trying to take a selfie of himself posing with his father’s gun.

a 37-year-old EMS worker, mountain climbing near Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains, slipped on a ledge and plunged to her death off a cliff while taking a selfie posing in front of a waterfall.

Selfies can kill. Selfies elevate pride to a whole new level. The operative word in “selfie” is “self” of course. The “self” in selfies elevates pride (self) to a toxic and morbid extreme.

Pride won’t kill you like selfies can.  Pride, however, is chief among the seven deadly sins. If not put away, pride will bring us to ruin. Pride is the root of every other sin.

Are you prideful? Here are six ways to check yourself.

You are prideful if . . .

  • You take everything personally and respond on the offensive
  • You believe your feelings are most important and reasonable
  • Your desires, which differ from your feelings and thoughts, are most important
  • After a conflict or disagreement you’re convinced the other person should be the one to apologize
  • You tend towards being negative and critical rather than positive and encouraging
  • You keep thinking other people need to hear what you have learned and know

¹The bullet points above originated in Kyle Idleman's YouTube video: Get Over Yourself. Kyle's video was an inspiration for this blog post.

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