God’s Words are Simple

Butch Dean is one of my favorite bloggers. I read his posts regularly. This post is just another example of Butch’s gift for conveying his thoughts and words from God in simple-easy to understand words and thoughts. Enjoy.

Wordsmith's Desk

Diagnosis: Human nature is stuck on itself. It likes big words and big ideas. The presentation of “sophisticated and educated” is important to human nature. Can you see how smart I am? It’s not important that you understand what I say, but that you realize how smart I am using such grand words.

Human nature prides itself on being smart, but manages to do things the hard way. If it was simple once, human nature will complicate it. Human nature was born blind and dumb, yet exists in denial. Human nature is its own worst enemy and is doomed to Eternal death

Though God’s thoughts and ways are different from ours, His words are simple and easy to understand. He has no hidden agenda. He only wants to save you from yourself, from your human nature. He wants to call you His child…to give you Eternal Life. John 3:16


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