God, Identity In Christ

How well do you know your true self?

How well do you know who you really are? How much do you know to be true about you and your relationship with God?

Take this True-or-False test, then wait for the answers from Scripture on Wednesday and find out how much you know about your true identity.



    Everyone has at least one spiritual gift
    We were given our spiritual gifts at birth
    Spiritual gifts and fruit of the Spirit are not the same
    The Holy Spirit guides you into all Truth
    All the sins you ever committed or ever will commit are all forgiven
    You can never lose your salvation
    Every sin starts as a thought in your mind
    You can not reject your salvation
    You will never die
    You are an enemy of Satan
    My sinful nature died on the cross with Jesus
    You don’t live anymore; but Christ lives in you
    I was a sinner worthy of death; but Christ died for me anyway
    My real purpose in life is to glorify God
    I am a sinner saved by grace.

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