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The real “How well do you know your true self” true-false test

EDITOR’S NOTE Apparently my WP theme doesn’t do tables or paste text well. Some readers couldn’t find the questions on the true-false test in my post yesterday.  So, today, I’m doing the test over. Hopefully you’ll be able to take the test without incident. Find out the answers from Scripture here on FHG Friday.

  1.  T___F___ Everyone has at least one spiritual gift.
  2.  T___F___ We get our spiritual gifts at birth
  3.  T___F___ Spiritual gifts and fruit of the Spirit are not the same.
  4.  T___F___ The Holy Spirit guides us into all Truth.
  5.  T___F___ All sins we ever committed or will ever commit are all forgiven.
  6.  T___F___ We can never lose our salvation.
  7.  T___F___ We can not reject our salvation.
  8.  T___F___ We will never die.
  9.  T___F___ Our sinful nature died on the cross with Jesus.
  10.  T___F___ We are not sinners saved by grace.
  11.  T___F___ We don’t live anymore; but Christ lives in us.
  12.  T___F___ Our real purpose in life is to glorify God.
  13.  T___F___ We are accepted by God just the way we are.
  14.  T___F___ We are not sinners. We are Saints.
  15.  T___F___ God loves us unconditionally.
  16.  T___F___ We are a temple of God. His Spirit and his life live in us.































My real purpose in life is to glorify God





3 thoughts on “The real “How well do you know your true self” true-false test

    1. We just finished that class at our church. We used the “Finding your PLACE in life and ministry” guide and assessment Tool. It was amazing. My wife and I learned valuable information about us as individuals and as married partners.

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