Stop! Don’t say it.

Whatever you’re thinking about saying, don’t.

It’s better to keep your thoughts and beliefs and convictions about Jesus to yourself. Remember, there are people all around you who don’t believe in Jesus. If you start talking about Jesus or God or church, you’ll hear from them.

What they say about you and your beliefs won’t be nice.  They might protest. They might verbally assault you.  They might shout at you or throw bricks through windows. They might sue you. They might call the ACLU to keep you from saying those things about Jesus you feel so strongly about that might offend someone or cause them to cry.

What first amendment?

The best thing to do is go to church on Sunday and sit quietly in a pew.  Sit with all your other “Christian” friends. They won’t criticize you or shout at you or throw a brick through your window.  You’ll feel safe in church.  They won’t bother anybody. What your church friends say and do won’t offend anybody.  They’ll keep from causing trouble. They’ll avoid confrontations. They’ll speak of God and talk about all those safe, feel-good churchy words. They’ll pray for all those heathens in the street who take the Lord’s name in vain and mock God. Religious folks know those heathens are going to hell anyway. But “Christians” are supposed to pray for them anyway. That’s what religion says, right?

The best thing to do is nothing. Mind your own business. Smile and pray and say some “Praise God”s and sing songs and listen to the pastor say all the things you and those heathens in the street need to hear.


One thought on “Shhhhhhhhhh!

  1. baloney. Keep speaking of your faith and learn to LIVE it. Understand that the heathens (yea, that would be me more than likely) will argue, but if you LIVE your faith those same heathens will respect you and learn from you instead of just arguing. well, probably except me. I like to argue with intelligent people. Like you. Let’s face it, I love to argue with you. We keep it impersonal and polite and we both learn something. ANDDDDD, people of faith can always complain to the aclu as well…they would love to fight for “the other side” as well. That’s their whole point of sticking up for the constitution.


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