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The Cone of Uncertainty

cone of uncertainty 2They can’t tell you where the storm will strike, when the storn will strike, or how bad the storm will be. Weather savvy meteoroligists at the TV station draw this wide cone on the screen hedging their bets with their best scientific guesses. It’s called the cone of uncertainty. It’s used to describe where weather experts believe the eye of the storm could possibly travel.

Despite all the sophisticated high-tech weather stuff, their “best” guesses are still uncertain.

Authentic believers in Christ know exactly what a cone of uncertainty is.  We walk in one every day. That’s why living one day at a time, sometimes one moment at a time, is the only way we can live. We never know where or when our next storm will strike. We just know it will.

Marie ran across a median in a blinding rainstorm last week. Marie’s okay but the car’s still in the shop racking up claim dollars. In the same week someone tried to use our debit card number to charge a purchase to our account.  The Bank denied the transaction, but they closed out our card. In the meantime several online bill payments hit and they were denied as well. Need I say more?  Have you been there?

All of it has impacted our daily lives.

We could respond in one of two ways: 1) fall apart; or 2) fall into God’s arms and let Him handle it.  So far, we both feel safe in God’s loving arms. It’s the only place in our lives right now that is NOT uncertain.


2 thoughts on “The Cone of Uncertainty

  1. James 4:14 says “you do not know what tomorrow will bring.” You and I would add, not even what today will bring. My son-in-law just called to say someone hit his car while on the way to work. My daughter is using my “old beater” because the engine went out on her Civic last week. Fortunately in either case, no injuries. So, like the saying goes, “Stuff happens.” We will be in the “cone” until the end. Hope all works out for you. crossingpaths.net


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