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Can you count your spiritual markers?


God showed me some of my spiritual markers recently.  During our Experiencing God Bible study author Henry Blackabee called spiritual markers “a time of transition, decision or direction when I clearly know God guided me.”  After class and for the next few days I told myself, “Gee, I don’t think I have any spiritual markers.

Then I prayed and asked God to show me mine, if I had any.

Well, the flood gates burst open, and God started showered me me with memories of times of transition, decision and direction that He guided me. I couldn’t count them. Every few days He shows me another time He guided me. What blessings.  Each time He shows me another one I stop and praise Him and thank Him for guiding me all these years. Even in my Prodigal years He guided me.

Why not try it for yourself? Pray this simple prayer, “God, will you show me the spiritual markers in my life?” If your heart’s right and you’re ready to receive them, I’ll bet you won’t be able to count them either.

Discover the origin of spiritual markers in Joshua 4.

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