How can we avoid the DYI syndrome?


We have created an entire cultural syndrome around doing things ourselves. DYI fever permeates most aspects of life. You can tune to most any public TV network and find a DYI show to teach you how to do most anything by yourself.

Hasn’t the same syndrome crept into many of our spiritual lives? Rather than trust the Father to do His work in us, don’t we take on His responsibilities? Don’t we think we can handle things with our own resources?

Let me ask us this: How does that work for us? For me, my batting average is perfect: .000!

I have a friend in church who’s facing many challenges now. When we’re talking about them, he’ll toss out a number of options he’s considering. After a litany of  choices he could make, he sums up the discussion with, “I’ll figure something out.”

“I’ll figure something out”  always leaves God’s will and God’s wisdom out of his consideration.  I’ve witnessed this friend make some regretful, self-destructing decisions because he thought he could “figure something out”  on his own. He’s plagued by the DIY syndrome. So are we when we thing we can handle life’s challenges “on our own” without consulting Him who has the perfect answer, the perfect plan for every decision we face in life.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
And do not lean on your own understanding.
6 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5-6 NASB


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