This is my last post on “For His Glory”

Today marks the end of an eight-year blogging run for me on For His Glory.
This will be my last post.

As I watch God’s plan for me unfold, I sense Him moving me in a new direction, with new priorities and challenges. But blogging doesn’t show up on His agenda.

I will miss everything about blogging.

I love to write. I spent my working career writing. I’ve been writing paragraphs since I was in second grade.  I taught writing and composition to middle school, high school and college students for years. I was a newspaper reporter, newspaper editor, sports writer, ad agency copywriter, technical writer and more.

Blogging gave me opportunities to meet and make friends with lots of dedicated bloggers and very gifted and talented writers. I will dearly miss my camaraderie with them and our many friendship moments.

I couldn’t give up my blog without sharing my deep, heartfelt gratitude for the thousands of viewers who have visited FHG and come back time and time again. The folks who shared a “like” or written such wonderful, encouraging comments have all kept me writing blog posts year after year.

Probably the richest blessings I’ll miss are those comments from folks who tell me how blessed they were to read the words God gave me.

But most of all I am grateful beyond words for Almighty God and the opportunity He’s given me to share His words and His love and grace with others on my blog. It has always been His blog and everything I have written has been for His glory.

my answer

Several years ago I fell just shy of making my blog my god. Everything I read in God’s word, every sermon I listened to, every devotional, every blog someone else wrote–all of it became grist for my next blog post. I committed to publishing a new blog post Monday through Friday. Occasionally I revived a post to publish from my archives. Sometimes I published posts written by some of the great spiritual writers I followed. But most of my posts were original and fresh. I was spending two to three hours a day writing posts or reading and researching material for future posts.

During the past few weeks God has shown me He had a lot to say to me in His word and in those sermons and devotionals I read that others wrote.  I haven’t the foggiest notion how much I missed that God was attempting to tell me and teach me. But I was too busy focusing on and gathering all that material for my next blog post.

I prayed about my blog and talked with Marie about what I think God was showing me. So,  I decided to stop. The same day I made the decision, God blessed me with a peace I hadn’t known for most of the past eight years.

He is showing me He wants my relationship with Him and my relationships with my family to become first and second on my list of priorities.  I am getting back into God’s word regularly FOR ME, not for my blog. I’m spending more time with my family and my brothers in Christ in our church men’s group. I’m learning deeper surrender. I’m meditating on Scripture. (Now I’m giving myself time to do that.)

I’m growing closer to my Father, and Marie and I are happier together now than we’ve ever been. I’m investing my former blogging time and energy on impacting my beautiful granddaughters and serving Marie.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for showing me my new direction I’m taking and the new path I’m on to allow You to work in me so everything I say and do and think and feel will be For Your Glory.

23 thoughts on “This is my last post on “For His Glory”

  1. Found your blog today. I thank you. Adding to my Christian journey. Some of your revel in this last post are similar to my own. Our lives should always be God centered. There more to say but what I want you to know that although your blog has ended it continues to touch lives.


    1. Not really sure why I’m getting this post today, after you have just restarted blogging 3 times a week recently. Is this a mistake? I’m confused. Please clarify.



      1. Ronn I have no idea why you got this post. I didn’t send it. It made me a quark in the distribution. Are you getting the regular posts now? I am sending John Ed’s post for the week tomorrow although I’m not posting for another few days. Hope everything at your house is going all right let me take this time to wish you and Rita a blessed Easter celebrating the resurrection.


      2. Hi Steve! Sadly, No, I”m not getting the routine send-outs and have not received John Ed Mathison’s this week yet. Methinks the gremlins are at work! Are you aware Gary Wright lost his mom, Marje, the middle of March? A sweet and very elegant lady! She was 93, and living at Windsor Manor, a large assisted living facility on Harrison St. on the east side. She used to tell me how she started to kindergarten to my mom at Central, and how she brought her out of her shell and got her off to a good start. That always made me feel good, naturally. (My mom was Hiss Heaton & taught kdgn. there 9 years, before she was married. She was followed by Miss Pancake. (By the time I was ready for kdgn., Betty Pancake was gone & I started under Miss Dorothy McMorris. There I go, giving you way too much uninteresting information.)

        A Happy & Blessed Easter to you & your loved ones!


      3. Ronn, I honestly don’t know why you aren’t getting my blog posts and john ed. you are on the mailing list and I’ve verified your correct email addressvthree times.


      4. I dont’ know either. Can you send them to me separately from your subscribers? Not that I don’t want to mingle & interact with your followers, but I am just trying to receive them. .


  2. Steve, I have read your carefully thought out “swan song” above, and while sad you are discontinuing something I thought was really splendid, I understand where you’re coming from, and if you feel led a different direction, then you are doing the right thing to heed His calling. One thing sure…you & I WILL stay in touch!


  3. Hi Steve, sad to see you go. You are an inspiration to and for the Glory of God. Yes I understand you new focus… beautiful … praying all is well with you and yours. Will your blog still be open for people to see. let me know when you can. Blessings flowing with and in the Glory of God.


  4. Steven, really sorry to see you go but I can completely understand as I am sure you have thought about it and it is not an easy decision to make. It is always easier to say yes to more things even when we know the answer should have been no. In the end, we only have a finite amount of time and it is always a game of giving and taking to what we believe in or want to align our life with most. I wish you luck in your newer direction and am glad that we have met up along the way in this blogging world. If you ever find yourself blogging again (or want to reach out) be sure to find me as I am sure I will be around :).


  5. Steve, I am sorry to see you go, but I am joyful about your reason. I, too, love Galatians, especially Galatians 2:20 which says, “I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.” For His Glory!


  6. Your words will be missed…BUT, You have to follow the path that God has chosen for you. How lucky you are to hear that small quiet voice and how amazing that you actually do as it requests. You are a special man and I am so pleased that I ventured into your world of words in time to call you friend. Marie will blossom once again with her beloved spending more time with her. Your words will remain in this strange dimension I lovingly call the “bloggosphere” for all to read.
    In your time here, spreading your faith, your joy and your pain and frustrations, you have touched many. Some have been touched enough to go seek Christ for themselves. Some have read the words only to argue, but they also have been touched. And isn’t that the whole point of a blog, after all? You can go on to bigger and better things now secure in the knowledge that your eight years of sharing have not been in vain. You made a difference, my friend. God bless you in all you do in the future. Suze


    1. Not really sure why I got this now, as you have been gone from your blog for at least a year. I still miss our regular contact. I sure hope you’ve recovered from your major health setback. Do you still get anything from or about Dr. John Ed Mathison? I loved his vignettes. Happy New Year, Steve! ~Ronn~


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