Let it snow, let it snow. . . please

 I grew up in Shenandoah Iowa  where it snowed off and on all winter. Maybe only a couple inches. Or it could be several feet. But off and on we had snow all winter.

 Now we live on the outskirts of Atlanta where snow is a figment of The Weather Channel’s imagination. 

 I miss the snow. I really miss the snow.

  One of my fondest memories growing up is about snow. In our laundry room off the kitchen was a window  overlooking our yard. Every time It snowed I would go to that window and marvel at the snow filling up our yard.  The silence was intoxicating.  I never experienced peace  and quiet like that at any other time in my life.  I still like to imagine myself standing at that window and breathing in that serenity.

 I may never capture that beautiful silence again.  As I write this post it’s 57 degrees and sunny outside (December 30th)  with little if any hope for the slightest precipitation in the foreseeable future. 

 God, you’re in charge here. If you can send some of that beautiful white stuff our way before summer gets here.  What a blessing that would be. I.would even take a flurry or two. . . .PLEASE! t

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