Please leave a comment

Some readers may not know that many of us bloggers live and breathe by your comments. For many of us your comments are what motivate us to keep writing. Some of us would probably stop blogging if we stopped receiving comments. All comments   don’t have to be positive. In fact I’ve received my share of critical,  and negative comments. But I take all comments in stride and try to learn  from your comments and  become a better writer.

 Most of my posts  reflect some aspect of my mission statement, ” to help us all know, understand, believe, and live out of our true identity in Christ. Although I have been known to veer off the beaten path to write humorous posts or posts about interesting people or the oddities of life. But I value every comment and answer every one-encouraging or not.

So, let me ask you, the next time you read a post here on FHG, or another blog, whether you liked it or not, how about leaving a comment. I guarantee you’ll leave a smile on my face, and encourage me to keep blogging another day.

6 thoughts on “Please leave a comment

  1. You got what you asked for Steven. And yes, i’m so glad you asked because it is easy to actually enjoy someones blog and hit like, but it takes effort to stop by and share a comment. But keep going Steven, you’re doing what you’re doing and that’s enough. There is someone watching.


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