Who we are in Christ

We’re going to begin drilling down to our true identity in Christ on For His Glory. My mission statement makes it clear what the mission of this blog is to be.  I want to help us all  know, understand, believe, and live out of our true identity in Christ.

To begin, let’s see how much we know about our true identity. Below is a partial list of characteristics God has created in his children. This is the way God sees  all believers.  We will examine each of these in detail in future. blog posts.

as you read the list, ask yourself, “If this is the way God sees me, do I see myself the same way?  If not, why not? Is there a characteristic I don’t believe I have? Why not?

  1. I have a new identity since I became a believer.
  2. I am totally forgiven for any and all sins I’ve ever committed, may commit today or may commit in the future.
  3. I am totally righteous.
  4. Christ wants to live His life through me as me.
  5. I can never lose my salvation.
  6. God will NEVER stop loving me no matter what my actions are or my performance is here on earth.
  7. I am justified.

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