The Holy Spirit  speaks to us in a still, small voice  to encourage us, teach us and guide us in righteous paths.

 But Satan speaks to us in a still small voice too.  But his motive is to confuse us, point out our failures, discourage us and destroy us. He prowls around looking for our weaknesses and the places in our lives where we are most vulnerable to attack. and he’s very good at finding them and exploiting them.

In 12-step recovery rooms we learn recovery tools and strategies to help us learn to live day to day and make healthy choices.

One of the most healthy strategies we learn to help keep Satan from attacking us is not to make big decisions when we’re vulnerable. We call it HALT. We learn not to make big choices, decisions or life changes when we are Hungry–Angry–Lonely or–Tired–HALT. We are all vulnerable at the times. some times more than others.

I’m most at risk when I’m tired. And Satan knows it. I need to get alone or go to bed, or take a nap when I’m tired. The older I get(73) the quicker I get tired so I try to take care of myself then and remember my vulnerability.

How about you? Why not share a comment with me about your vulnerability?

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